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Port Charlotte: What are Termite Swarms?

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What are Termite Swarms?

PORT CHARLOTTE –  Termite Swarms happen at certain times of the year.  Termite colonies produce “termite swarms” – the winged adults that fly away to form their own colonies. Termite Swarms usually occurs during the daytime and is simply nature’s way of reminding you that termites are nearby.

Commonly asked questions about termite swarms.

Where do Termite Swarms come from?

Termite Swarms likely came from a nearby underground nest. If most of the insects are found outdoors, then the nest is likely somewhere in your yard, possibly near an old tree stump or landscape timbers. If you find most of the termite swarms indoors, then you quite likely have an infestation under/in your home or business.

What happens to Termite Swarms?

Termite swarms simply die if they cannot escape from your house. They may die on window sills or open areas. Quite often you will only find dead insects or just the wings.

Will killing the Termite Swarm fix the problem?

No. Termite Swarms are a nuisance when swarms occur inside. While killing termite swarms eliminates the problem at hand, it does not provide any protection from further termite activity that may already be causing serious damage.

What should I do if I find termites swarming?

The first thing you need to do is confirm that you indeed have termites. West Florida Termite and Pest Control will conduct a free termite evaluation. Many species of ants also produce winged adults and to the untrained eye they look very similar to winged termites.

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