Rodent Control

There are many risks to property and health associated with rodent infestations. From rodent borne diseases such as murine typhus, hantaviruses and arenaviruses to contamination via exposure to rodent fleas, feces, urine and nesting material, there are serious health implications for humans.

Rats and Mice are very agile animals and can perform acrobatic feats that allow them to enter almost any part of a structure from the roof to the foundation.

Did you know that rats can climb straight up a vertical wall?

Rats can climb straight up a vertical wall with great speed and enter a hole in the ceiling? Rats are also capable of swimming for hours without drowning. They are adaptable animals who find access points to a structure that one might never suspect were vulnerable.

Our licensed technicians will first identify the rodent that has invaded your property. This is very important before beginning any rodent control program. Identifying the species of rodent will aid in the inspection process; because rodents are creatures of habit and that allows us to locate all access points on the structure.

The time to take care of a rodent situation is before you even know you have it.

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